Gentlemen, welcome to the campaign.

Take a look in the wiki for information about the setting first, then create a character with as much back story as you would like and put it in the characters section. If you don’t have the means to make a character then come up with an idea of what you want your character to be so that we don’t have to waste a ton of time on character creation in the first session. Use the forum for discussion, I would especially love to hear if there is anything y’all would really like to see in the game. The Calendar will be used to schedule game sessions.

Also, each game session, one player will need to keep track of what happened and then write it up in the adventure log. This responsibility will rotate. I would prefer the logs be done in character to create a sort of diary-type effect as we go along, but if you can’t do it in character that’s alright.

The wiki will be expanded and updated as we go along, hopefully with information we come up with as the game progresses. Feel free to add stuff to it yourselves, although everything will be subject to peer review and my veto if necessary. Check back here for more updates between game sessions.

Blood Ties

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